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Explore our range of photo safari packages tailored to various top wildlife photography destinations. We cater to diverse budgets and photography skills, ensuring memorable experiences for all. Join our scheduled departures led by our expert wildlife photographers or personalize your itinerary to align with your specific photography objectives.

Our team of photo safari experts is available to assist you in selecting the perfect safari. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation by clicking the contact button above or completing the contact form below.


Photo Safari Company -  Zebra Rolling in Dust
Photo Safari Company Hotel Accommodation
Photo Safari Company -  Canon AE1

Personalised Experience

Born out of a passion for sharing the wonders of Southern Africa, our safari company is dedicated to providing personalised experiences.

By leveraging our local knowledge, we tailor each safari to meet the preferences and interests of our guests, ensuring a truly bespoke adventure.

Whilst on safari, there will be an abundance of chances to photograph wildlife up close and personal.

From pristine landscapes and breathtaking sunsets to exquisite bird life and the big five, our mission is to ensure you experience it all.

Our Safaris are located in areas that are not saturated with safari operators who cater for the maximum tourist numbers. Our groups are small and the areas we operate in are mostly private, allowing us to enjoy the natural surroundings and animals without being disturbed by countless other safari vehicles which spoil the tranquillity

Choosing our safari company means selecting a team with roots in Southern Africa, offering unparalleled local knowledge, wildlife insights, and photographic excellence. Our commitment to personalized experiences, conservation, and guest well-being ensures a safari adventure that is not only extraordinary but also leaves a positive impact on the region.

We look forward to hosting you and showing you our very special world.

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