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Photo Safari Company - Nick Wigmore - Mana Pools - Zimabwe.

Hello, I'm Nick

Co-Founder & Technical Director


Preferred Camera System - Canon.

Favourite Countries - Italy, New Zealand, Scotland, Zimbabwe.

QuoteCarpe Diem.

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Nick's Story

Nick was born in Zimbabwe in the early ‘80s and spent much of his childhood & teenage years traveling around Zimbabwe and Southern Africa, visiting magical places and being exposed to life changing experiences.

From an early age, Nick was interested in photography. His first memories of photography were with his mother’s AGFA Optima 35mm film camera, which he still has today. As he grew older, Nick took any opportunity that presented itself to get his hands on a camera, to understand how they worked, to photograph people & places, and his passion - wildlife in the African bush.

Nick left Zimbabwe in 1999 to pursue a career in IT, formally a carpenter working for his father. He settled in the United Kingdom for seven years and then moved to Australia in 2006.

Nick's exposure to wildlife, nature & photography from an early age had a profound effect on him and he always feels a sense of peace and belonging when spending time in the African bush amongst its marvellous creatures.

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for both technology and the natural world, Nick has carved a unique path that blends technical expertise with artistic expression, cultivating many memories and stories along his many years as a photographer and wildlife enthusiast.

In the world of wildlife photography, Nick has not only honed his skills but also contributes to wildlife conservation causes where he can by education and donating to conservation efforts. 

When he is not hosting a photographic safari, Nick travels home to Zimbabwe as much as possible to recharge, ground and remind himself of the extraordinary beauty the magical place holds.


Nick is a proud member of the Canon Professional Services (CPS).

Photo Safari Company - Lilac Breasted Roller - Chobe - Botswana.
Photo Safari Company - Sunset Zambezi River - Mana Pools National Park - Zimabwe.


- Wildlife
- Landscape
- Ballet & Dance
- Travel Photography
- Sports Photography
- Astro Photography
- Portraiture
- Boudoir

- Fine Art

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