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Photo Safari Company - Eric Van Staden.

Hello, I'm Eric.

Co-Founder & Photographic Director


Preferred Camera System - Canon.

Favourite CountriesMexico, Namibia, New Zealand, Zimbabwe.

QuoteYou only live once (probably), so just do it.

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Eric's Story

Eric is a child of the world, who made his first appearance in Zimbabwe many moons ago.


Eric trained as a telecommunications engineer and lived and worked in Zimbabwe into his mid 20's, at which point his yearning for travel, adventure and photography bit hard. He threw in the towel in his day job, and hit the road, spending the next 20 years on the road working primarily as a Skydiving camera man and instructor.

Born with a passion for adventure and a keen eye for the extraordinary, Eric is a creative visionary who found his love for photography in the high paced and exhilarating world of skydiving.


In the globe trotting and adrenaline-fueled days of Eric's skydiving past, Eric honed not only his technical skills but also developed an innate sense of timing and composition. The unforgiving nature of capturing fleeting moments whilst hurtling through the air laid the foundation for a photographic journey that would later embrace the untamed beauty of the natural world. Through Skydiving, he also found a passion for teaching, Eric spreads this love through teaching photography to clients, and the staff base he has in his Real Estate and Architectural photography company: In-House Imaging (

Eric now bases himself in Australia, but still calls Zimbabwe home.

Photo Safari Company - Elephant & Baobab Tree - Hwange - Zimabwe.
Photo Safari Company - Three Elephants in Chobe River, Botswana.


- Skydiving (including as a member of the Zimbabwean National Skydiving Teams)
- Real Estate and Architecture
- Wildlife
- Landscape
- Underwater photography
- Travel Photography
- Motor Sport Photography
- Astrophotography
- Portraiture
- Boudoir

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